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Awarded Grants 2014-2015

In the years 2014 and 2015, the FEF funded $23,477.35 in support for the Fredon Township Elementary School.  The list of grants awarded are listed below, not in their entirety:

-          Educational Support

o    Scholastic News/Super Science will use reading activities and practice tests to prepare students for standardized testing, as well as integrates technology with an interactive technology component.

o    Reading A-Z will enhance, support and enrich reading instruction within the classroom.

o    Michele Van Allen Programs: Welcome to NJ and Living Lincoln Program will correlate with the 4th grade Social Studies standards and will cover geography, history and many other facts about New Jersey. 

-          Individual Support

o    Homework Help Club plays a critical role in the aid of children struggling to complete their assignments. 

o    Anti-Bullying Summit & Tee-shirts The Antibullying Summit educates students on the importance of anti-bullying while helping students develop leadership skills in a fun and encouraging environment.

-          Arts & Enrichment

o    The Drama Club Set Design will give students opportunities to extend their visual arts and set design skills and was designed for those students who want to be involved in the Drama club, without having to perform on stage.  This club gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents in an artistic way.

o    The Drama Club is the most anticipated club of the year, allowing students to develop and refine talents in acting, singing and performance, as well as building confidence and creating life-long memories.

o    The Harry Potter Book Club will bring a large group of students together with similar interests to help them achieve their reading levels and goals. 

o    Spanish Club enables students to further their knowledge of a universal language in a fun way.

o    Percy Jackson Book Club will provide students the chance to explore more into the Greek God Mythology and learn the sport of archery

o    Digital Cameras Picaboo Yearbook will give students the opportunity to use cameras to photograph a variety of school activities.  These digital images will be incorporated in the 2014 Fredon Township School Yearbook.

-          Gifted/Talented (GATE) & Special Needs Funding

o    Chrome Books will enable teachers and students to utilize multi-sensory technology design to meet the requirements of a wide range of learning styles through Google.

o    School-wide Professional Development: Successful Inclusive Practices in Every Classroom is a training program for our teaching staff that will enhance their performance in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education ACT (IDEA) across the academic and behavioral spectrum.