The FEF is pleased to announce that as of this date we have been able to approve over $24,000 in grants for the 2011-2012 school year. We thank you for your continued support in our fundraising efforts.  Without your generous support and donations these program would not be possible.

Environmental Club Fall Session:  The goal of this club is to assist 
student involvement in working toward the school goal of creating a 
greener environment at the Fredon School.  Some of the activities planned 
are:  to work with an environmental specialist from Fairview Lake Camp to 
utilize GPS units to explore the natural terrain at Lodestar Park, collect 
used light bulbs to create and sell snowman ornaments, and continue to 
collect juice pouches for the Terra-cycle Program.

Environmental Club Spring Session:  The goal of this club is to assist 
student involvement in working toward the school goal of creating a 
greener environment at the Fredon School. The activities planned for this 
session of the club will focus on exploring alternate energy sources and to 
participate in the Junior Solar Competition.

The Freedom Fox News Morning Program:  The Freedom Fox News 
Program is a morning news program run by the 6th graders that is 
broadcast throughout the school every morning.  In order to encourage 
students to listen to the news program in the morning two programs are 
being implemented.  These programs are as follows: Word of the Day and 
Weekly Brain Teaser.  Children will have the opportunity to enter weekly 
drawings if they are able to get the word of the day correct or if they answer 
the Brain Teaser correctly.  The FEF is excited to be able to fund the prizes 
for these programs to encourage the students at Fredon School to listen 
and pay attention to the Freedom Fox News Morning Program.

Brain Pop/Brain Pop Junior:  Brain Pop is an educational website that 
allows full school access for all teachers and students between the hours of 
7 am and 5:30 pm.  It is a safe and secure website that embraces many 
different learning styles.  Students and teachers can use Brain Pop to 
introduce, review or enhance a concept in any subject area.  The website is 
filled with games, activities, outlines, quizzes and videos that are both fun 
and educational.

Trep$:  Trep$ is an educational program designed to teach students about 
creating and running their own business.  As a culminating  activity the 
students will sell his/her product/service at Trep$ Marketplace.

Intro to the Musical:  This is a program for kindergarten and second grade 
students.  The goal of this program is for students of this age to have the 
opportunity to experience being part of a theatrical production.  The 
culminating activity will be for the students to sing and perform at the winter 

Harry Potter Book Club: The goal of the Harry Potter Book Club is to 
help the students to become enthusiastic about reading and have fun while 
doing so.  The club provides an opportunity for the children to hold 
discussions, answer questions or just share the Harry Potter experience.  
The club offers support to those children who feel threatened by the size of 
the book while giving others the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Newspaper Club Fall and Spring:  This club gives students the 
opportunity to participate in creating a monthly newspaper that will include 
various columns such as How to..., Local News, Interviews, Volunteering/
Community, What's happening in class?, Sports and many more.  Students 
will collaborate in order to draft, edit and publish the newspaper. 

Spanish Club Fall and Spring:  This club will give students the 
opportunity to participate in different cultural lessons and activities that 
focus on the similarities and differences between Spanish culture and 
American culture.  The culminating project will be a Keynote presentation 
which will include an A-Z list of Spanish culture and language.  This 
presentation will be saved to the Fredon network and, once completed, will 
be available for viewing during Spanish classes as a supplemental activity 
to enhance the student experience with Rosetta Stone and Spanish 
learning in general.  As a final culminating activity, our school will host our 
first ever “Cinco de Mayo” in May for all students to attend!

Homework Help:  This program will allow students to receive extra teacher 
directed help on a consistent basis.  Students, parents, and teachers will 
directly benefit from this program because students will have the 
opportunity to get help with everyday homework or long-term projects.

NJ ASK NOW:  The NJ ASK NOW will target NJ ASk skills for each specific 
grade level using the appropriate Communicator Mathematics ASK NOW 
student edition.  It will also include any foundational skills students may 
need to be successful with the materials.

Drama Club: This years presentation will be Seussical the Musical!!  The 
drama club is available for third through sixth graders.  The club will give 
students the opportunity to show the talents that they possess and their 
love of acting, singing and dancing.

Spring Walking Club:  This club will assist students in establishing goals for themselves.  They will use pedometers and charts to monitor their progress and encourage them to keep active each day.  The club will meet twice a week.  The majority of the time the students will participate in a group exercise.  They will explore different activities to increase their steps.

Student Treasures Books: The third and fourth grade students will have the opportunity to be authors and illustrators of their own book.  They will write and illustrate their own realistic fiction book.  The individual books will be drafted during Writer's Workshop.  The drafts will then be published using  Each student will receive   a copy of their book, as well as have the opportunity to purchase additional books.

Lenape Lifeways In-School Program:  Lenape Lifeways In-School Program on Lenape/Delaware Indians is associated with Waterloo Village in Stanhope, NJ.   Students in third and fourth grade will have the opportunity to meet the director, John Kraft,  who will come to school dressed in period clothing.  He will present the children, in a curriculum based presentation, with a slideshow, stories, and touchable artifacts such as clothing, tools, musical instruments, artwork, masks, and games that the Lenape used in everyday life.