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Awarded Grants 2012 / 2013

The FEF is pleased to announce that as of today we have approved over $22,000 in grants for this school year.  We are excited to have been able to fund our first summer programs during June and July!   Listed below are the programs that we have funded during the summer and 2012-2013 school year.  Thank you to everyone who has supported the FEF by either participating in our programs or through providing donations.  Without your generous support and contributions we would not have been able to fund such wonderful programs for our school.

Harry Potter Summer Camp:  This club was available for third graders through sixth graders.  The students were divided into two separate one week sessions.  This program helped to promote reading, writing, sportsmanship, and science through incorporating the Harry Potter Book Series.  

Summer Reading and Writing Workshop:  This program was available for third graders through sixth graders.  The students were divided into two separate groups during two week sessions.  This wonderful summer program was aligned with the requirements and educational practices of the Reading and Writing Workshop.  The objective of the program was to enhance student's love of reading and writing as a medium for expression, thoughtfulness, and creativity.

Newspaper Club:  This club is available for students in 3rd-6th grade.  This exciting club will give students the opportunity to participate in creating a monthly newspaper that will include various columns such as How to..., Local News, Interviews, Volunteering/Community, What's happening in class?, Sports and many more.  Students will collaborate in order to draft, edit and publish the newspaper. Keep an eye out for the Fredon Fox Newspaper which will be coming home in the Friday Folders periodically during the year.  

Homework Help:  Need help getting your child's homework done?  This is the club for you!!!  The Homework Help Club will be offered in two sessions this year.  The first session will begin in October and the second session will begin in January.  Both sessions will meet twice a week.  The club is available for students in 1st-6th grade.  This program will allow students to receive extra teacher directed help on a consistent basis.  Students, parents, and teachers will directly benefit from this program because students will have the opportunity to get help with everyday homework or long-term projects.

The Fall Environmental Club:  If your child is interested in creating a greener environment this is the club to join!!!  This club is available to students in fifth grade.  The goal of this club is to assist student involvement in working toward the school goal of creating a greener environment at the Fredon School.  Some of the activities planned are: explore the natural terrain at Lodestar Park using GPS units, collect used light bulbs to create and sell snowman ornaments, and continue to collect juice pouches for the Terra-cycle Program.

The Spring Environmental Club:  This club is available for students in sixth grade.  This club will focus on exploring alternate energy sources.  The culminating activity will be to have the students participate in the Junior Solar Sprint Competition. 

Brain Pop/Brain Pop Junior:  This is a wonderful website for all teachers and students to use.  It is an educational website that allows full school access for all between the hours of 7 am and 5:30 pm.  It is a safe and secure website that embraces many different learning styles.  Students and teachers can use Brain Pop to introduce, review or enhance a concept in any subject area.  The website is 
filled with games, activities, outlines, quizzes and videos that are both fun 
and educational.

Harry Potter Book Club: This club is great for all the Harry Potter enthusiasts.  The goal of the Harry Potter Book Club is to help the students to become excited about reading and to have fun while doing so.  The club provides an opportunity for the children to hold discussions, answer questions or just share the Harry Potter experience.  The club offers support to those children who feel threatened by the size of the book while giving others the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Fall Photography Fun:  This after-school club is designed to give students a foundation in the use of digital photography.  They will explore different techniques, camera options, and simple image editing to enhance their work.  

Anti-Bullying Summit Tee Shirts:  All sixth grade students attended the 11th annual middle school Anti-Bullying Conference on Wednesday, October 24, 2012.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all students to develop their leadership skills in a fun, encouraging environment.  Each student received a tee shirt with the Summits logo which was worn to the Anti-Bullying Conference.

Reading A-Z:  Reading A-Z is a website developed to reflect the instructional practices and reading strategies that are best supported by research findings thanks to a variety of sources.  The website has 27 different reading levels, including an array of genres.  The multi-leveled texts assist teachers to differentiate lessons, allowing us to reach all student's specific needs in all subject areas.  It also contains assessments such as benchmark books and running records.  It also addresses skills such as phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary and fluency.  

Drama Club:  This year's presentation will be Alice in Wonderland!!!  The drama club is available to fourth through sixth grade students. The drama club allows students the opportunity to extend their visual and performing art skills.  It also helps to establish personal growth, as well as, self confidence.  

Pedometers:  Sixty four pedometers are being purchased to be use by all Fredon students!  The pedometers will be used during gym class, Run for Fun, and after school programs.  The pedometers will help motivate students to exercise.   

Carpet the Kindergarten:  Both Kindergarten Classrooms will be receiving colorful, inviting alphabet and number carpets for the classroom.  These carpets will not only be used for circle time and reading/writing corner use but will also help build alphabet and number skills.

Whiteboard for the Sixth Grade Math Class:  The sixth grade math class will be getting a new whiteboard which will help to expand the learning area in the classroom, therefore providing a better learning environment.  The new whiteboard will give students room to do example problems, review homework, and review for tests/quizzes and much more!

Trep$:  Trep$ is an educational program designed to teach students about 
creating and running their own business.  As a culminating  activity the 
students will sell his/her product/service at Trep$ Marketplace.  Please come visit TREP$ Marketplace on May 22nd.

Listening Center and Cart:  Mrs. Sander's class will be receiving a new listening center and cart!  This new listening center will provide students the opportunity to listen to a fluent reader in order to develop more fluent and expressive reading skills.  They will also be able to follow along with the text while being able to focus on the sounds of new words and vocabulary.

Student Treasures Books: The third through sixth grade students will have the opportunity to write and illustrate their own hard cover book.  The individual books will be drafted during Writer's Workshop.  The drafts will then be published using  The students will be able to participate in a very special author celebration in which they will be able to share the books that they created!  Each student will receive their own copy of the hard cover book they created, as well as have the opportunity to purchase additional books.