Foundation Programs 

Fredon is a community rich in resources and committed to high quality public education. One of FEF’s primary functions is to help channel these resources—not only financial, but also intellectual, cultural, and social resources—for the benefit of its students. To this end, FEF will seek to develop several initiatives, each based on a model that convenes constituents from throughout Fredon with a common goal of improving local public education.
The role of FEF in each of these initiatives varies somewhat, but is central to all of them. FEF board members will chair and serve on committees to establish and guide these initiatives, raise and administer funds to support the activities, and contribute expertise in the development of their goals and programs.  This function of bringing together schools and the communities they serve is fundamental to FEF’s mission, and to the success of all local education funds. The Public Education Network (PEN) calls it “convening the stakeholders.” In Fredon, it’s a formula for success.

Discretionary Grants

Discretionary grants account for the majority of the FEF’s total annual expenditures. Applications are accepted throughout the year and eligibility is open to faculty and other Fredon Township School District employees, parents of Fredon School students, and students themselves. Grant awards range from $50 to $2,500.

University of Fredon Professional Development Grants
The FEF “University of Fredon” Professional Development Grants program awards grants to faculty and other Fredon School employees for activities that will enhance their skills and extend their knowledge. Applications are accepted throughout and eligibility is open to faculty and other Fredon Public School employees. Grant awards range from $75 to $2,500.